Friday, June 3, 2011

Studio in NH

Hi All

i forgot to identify that it was my studio, covered with ominous mammatus clouds, in the last (and first) post to our new blog.

It's beautiful here in Dublin today, crisp, almost fall like air, and a great day for landscaping and working with a chainsaw. First though, a copy edit on my new wet plate collodion chapter for the third edition of my book... almost 60 pages of new text and information. If you want a preview copy, just ask and i'll send it along to you.

Heading to Santa Fe in a few weeks to try it all out in three workshops and a lot of new people. Looking forward to seeing Angelina, Jess, Dave Molnar, Dave Hyams, and Cotton work together. Nikki Seggara had to bail on her place in the wet plate workshop to go on her honeymoon... imagine making that decision. I offered to let them have their honeymoon at the workshop... haha.

If anyone is interested in a last minute wet plate collodion road show experience there's a spot open.

All for now... see you soon


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