Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Processes and Dreams at Panopticon Gallery

Dreams are the fogged glow of the subconscious. They can be shard memories, blurred scenes of fragmented life experiences. Personal and shared stories intersect and merge. The line between the truth and fictitiousness is ambiguous. In this illusory installation, the rational and the fanciful unite.

Panopticon Gallery is proud to present Processes and Dreams, a group exhibition that blends together photographs that are ethereal in nature. The images are a culmination of their maker's imaginations, collective, childhood and universal memories, metaphors, artifacts, rituals and personal experiences. Look closely because people and things are not always as they seem.

This exhibition will be on display from January 12 - February 28, 2012 and will feature photographs by Jennifer Hudson, Ken Rosenthal, Michael Donnor, Tami Bone, Bryan David Griffith, Rachel Phillips, Curtis Werhfritz and Emmanuelle Germain.

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